Leafs Hire Kyle Dubas


The Toronto Maples Leafs decided to take a new direction in their front office hiring. They hired a 28-year old Kyle Dubas who is a believer of advanced statistics. Since the hiring of Brendan Shanahan, there has been apparent culture. They have turned their attention from grit and truculence to a style of hockey that […]

NHL Free Agency: Leafs Sign D Cody Franson To A One Year $3.3 M Deal

Cody Franson (ESPN)

The Leafs and restricted free-agent Cody Franson, 26, came to a one-year agreement of$3.3 million dollars. They avoided having to go through arbitration and got the deal done. The signing allows Leafs some breathing room because now they have a better chance to evaluate Franson’s play and be able to trade him during the season […]